Inside the mind of a true intellect who has no clue what is going on inside his mind.

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  3.   Day 2: Favorite picture of your girlfriend.
This one for sure. Beautiful :)

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    Day 2: Favorite picture of your girlfriend.

    This one for sure. Beautiful :)


    Le Challenge; Day One: Where did you meet?

    Why not eh? I shall humor this!

    Day One GFC: Where did you and your girlfriend meet?

    Seems that we met in front of the movie theater almost 2, 2 and a half years ago. Apparently I blew smoke in her face. I dont remember that part, but she says it happened.

    So it obviously happened :P


    Happy New Year

    Hope its a great one. I think ill outline my resolutions in the AM.


    On a positive note

    Posting that actually made me feel a bit better. Oddly. Well, that and Less Than Jake’s Anthem album.

    Guess I gotta use this damn site more.


    I feel like..

    I’m starting to lose it. I can’t explain it really. The last few days have been rough. I don’t even know why. I’m paranoid, having pretty terrible mood swings and some if the worst dreams I’ve ever had. And my pride keeps me from seeking help from anyone, even my closest friend. And she deserves to know more than anybody.

    I just don’t want to admit how weak I really am.


    A Realization

    Somethings wrong..

    I dont really know what. I think I need to go for a drive.

    I should probably figure this out.


    Top 5 Movies

    1. Superbad

    2. Dawn of the Dead

    3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    4. V for Vendetta

    5. Pineapple Express

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Lego Van Gogh

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    Lego Van Gogh

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